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Abounding Limited is a leading international payments provider assisting clients globally.

About us

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to streamline your payment processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability at every step.

With industry leading technology and a commitment to security, we offer seamless transactions across borders, empowering your business to thrive on a global scale. Enjoy the convenience of real-time payment tracking, competitive exchange rates and 24/7 customer support tailored to your needs. Working alongside some of the largest companies across Europe and the US, our solutions are adaptable and scalable, providing you with the flexibility to grow and succeed in today’s dynamic market.

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Lower Transfer Costs

Competitive Exchange Rates: Currently exchanging in excess of $6bn a month alongside our partners, we offer competitive exchange rates compared to the traditional Banks and brokers in the industry, resulting in savings up to 5% of the amount exchanged.

Faster Transactions

Speed of Transfers: The majority of currencies we offer are typically processed quicker than traditional banks. This can be especially important for time-sensitive payments or urgent financial transactions. On average, it takes up to 8 minutes for the funds to reach the beneficiary’s account.

Transparency and Visibility

Real-Time Tracking: We can often provide real-time tracking and notifications for payments sent via SWIFT, allowing users to monitor the status and progress of their transactions.

Global Network

Wide Range of Currencies: We support over 50 different currencies, enabling users to send and receive payments in various denominations whilst providing named IBAN accounts.

User-Friendly Platforms

Intuitive Interfaces: The platform we provide is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easier for clients to manage cross-border transactions and see the progress of their payments from anywhere in the world.

Risk Management

Hedging Options: We have the capabilities to offer tools for hedging against currency fluctuations. This can be valuable for businesses that want to mitigate the risk of exchange rate fluctuations impacting their international transactions.

24/7 Availability

Constant Accessibility: As a company, we provide ourselves with customers always coming first, this is why we’re available around the clock to ensure we meet our clients demands.

Financial products

Debt Solutions: We’re partnered with some of the largest debt solutions firms across Europe giving us access to over 300 lenders providing financial solutions in the form of trade finance, invoice discounting as well secured and unsecured loans.

Competitive exchange rates, Specialist dedicated trader, 24/7 platform and so much more.

Our clients are at the core of everything we do.

Abounding was founded with the mission of linking our clients with cutting-edge payments technology, all the while upholding a commitment to a personalised service. As we grow as a company, our core values remain the same which is what sets us apart.

Our aim is to furnish our clients with the necessary resources to simplify their currency transactions, backed by prompt assistance whenever required. Whether it’s setting up an account, arranging a transfer or making a payment, we recognise the significance of having a team on hand to support our clients day to day.

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Spot Trades

Our partners provide us access to highly competitive spot rates.

Hedging Strategies

With a variety of hedging products available, we’re able to help clients mitigate any risk in the market.

Market Analysis

Providing live data and market forecasts to our clients, helping them make an informed decision.

Trade Finance

Facilitating international trade by providing financial solutions to help clients extend their credit terms.

Invoice Finance

Giving clients access to working capital to help free their cashflow.

Secured and Unsecured Loans

With access to over 300 lenders, we can help clients gain competitive APR’s on both secured and unsecured loans allowing for more growth.

Personal Account

Whether you’re buying an asset abroad or repatriating funds, we provide individuals globally a seamless and user-friendly experience. With Abounding, you gain access to a range of features designed to simplify your foreign exchange needs. From same-day payments to a SWIFT tracking facility, our intuitive interface puts you in control of your money like never before. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with robust security measures and reliable customer support, ensuring your financial transactions are carried out safely and securely.

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Corporate Account

With our Corporate Account, enterprises gain access to a full suite of tools and features designed specifically to suit the needs of the business. Seamlessly manage your company’s foreign transactions with speedy payment processing capabilities, a wide range of currencies and hedging options to protect you against market fluctuations. Our platform empowers businesses to streamline cash flow, optimise liquidity, and mitigate risk, all while enjoying the convenience of a user-friendly platform. Trust in Abounding’s robust security measures and dedicated 24/7 support team to safeguard your corporate assets and provide assistance whenever needed. Alongside foreign exchange, we can also provide a whole host of financial products including trade finance, invoice discounting as well as secured and unsecured loans to help the cash flow of businesses globally.

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